Investment Banking


    We undertake all such works necessary for IPOS and listing process in the Main Market and the Parallel Market – MOMU by lending you a helping hand throughout all phases utilizing our experience and admirable knowledge as we help companies transform into public joint stock companies by increasing their share capital. Marifa Capital provides an integrated system of advisory and subscription stock offering services, covering the entire process starting with the initial diagnosis of the primer public offering and the offering of priority rights shares, down to determining the Company’s readiness in terms of business and financial, regulatory and legal requirements. Moreover, Marifa Capital assists companies to develop their long-term strategies, define their subscription objectives, obtain approvals to conduct an initial public offering/ priority rights shares offering, and manage share offerings.


    Private offerings are one of the paramount sources of corporate capital, which owners of companies use to procure financial resources or attract strategic investors by offering shares for private subscription.

    Marifa Capital plays an effective rule in this process by way of planning and executing private offering structure at different levels of the companies’ growth, which indeed depends on the companies’ capability and growth, and the funds that can be invested in offering their shares for private subscription to expand their activities. In addition to providing financial and market studies and offering cutting-edge solutions for administrative and legal aspects, the service Marifa delivers includes helping you form and raise the capital of your company.

    Through this service, we strive to help you develop strategies that identify and evaluate your priorities and needs related to mergers, acquisitions, or purchase and sale of companies. Marifa also provides you with supervision of due diligence verification service over financial, legal, technical and administrative aspects including the preparation of essential studies of evaluation. Marifa also takes part in evaluating initial and final offers, negotiating with you or on your behalf, and drafting purchase, sale and acquisition contracts. Likewise, our services include providing advisory on appropriate timing, structuring, deals execution and pricing process, as well as negotiation and deal closure.
    Restructuring covers detailed analysis of all financial, market, technical, administrative and legal aspects of your companies with the purpose to present available options and alternatives that are commensurate with the needs of each company, which can be taken as a basis for carrying out restructuring process.