About Marifa Capital

Marifa Capital has been established under the Commercial Registration No. (1010228764) as "Darfin Capital" with 2 million SAR capital to provide services arranging and advisory.
On 27/09/2018, CMA approved to increase the Company’s capital to (5 million SAR) and add the two activities of arranging and advisory on non-real estate investment funds and managing private investment portfolios of experienced individuals (including the two activities of arranging and advisory).
on 12/11/2018 the CMA approved the commencements of business to conduct portfolio management & private fund management.
On 03/05/2020, CMA approved to raise the new capital of the Company to 6 million SAR.
The Company’s name was changed from (Darfin Capital) to Marifa Capital.


To be the Companies’ first choice of all companies when it comes to financial services and investment products.


The Company is dedicated to constantly reach top achievement levels in running its day to day operations and ensure high quality of the services it provides.


  • We believe that we are committed to provide high quality professional and financial advisory services, in addition to capitalizing our experiences in various fields.

  • We consistently make sure we are up to date in terms of our services to ensure optimum benefit of our clients.

  • We maintain strong and regular communication with our clients to ensure that their needs are well met.


Quality: Our main objective is to attain positive implications on all of our clients and success partners.

Achievement: We always strive to fulfill our tasks professionally and surmount the challenges that show up along the way.

Leadership:Our major drive is performance excellency. We embrace a pioneering mindset in suggesting our investment solutions and products.

Honesty:We work faithfully and wholeheartedly with our clients and partners. Our business model is founded on performance integrity.